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Advocacynet: Interview with Wendy Cukier, President of the Coalition for Gun Control

Posted by cgccanada on July 29, 2009

July 28, 2009

In Canada, 85% of female homicide victims are murdered by their partners and in Ontario, possession or access to firearms is the fifth leading risk factor for femicide. These reasons are just two among many that led Wendy Cukier to work for stronger gun control in Canada.

For those of you who do not know who Wendy Cukier is, you must not be from Canada. Ms. Cukier, in addition to being a Professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, is a co-founder and the current President of the Coalition for Gun Control (CGC).

The Coalition for Gun Control is an alliance of more than 300 major policing, public safety and violence prevention organizations including the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Public Health Association, and YWCA of Canada. It is also a founding member of IANSA.
The Coalition was founded in the wake of the Montreal Massacre. In 1989, a twenty-five year old named Marc Lépine entered a classroom at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, armed with a legally obtained semi-automatic rifle.

Lépine moved all of the women to one side of the classroom and shot them, declaring that he hated women and that he was ‘fighting feminism’. He then roamed the corridors, entered another classroom and the cafeteria, specifically targeted women, and shot them. In total, fourteen women were killed and ten were injured.

The mission of the Coalition is to reduce gun violence, injury, and crime. As the organization’s President, Cukier has for years been one of Canada’s leading voices on the necessity of gun control. Working together with the police, health care agencies, women’s groups, and victims, CGC and Cukier have helped to lead the efforts to defend Canada’s Firearms Act.

When Ms. Cukier took time to sit down with me last week for an interview, one question I posed relates to the interrelatedness of licensing and the registry. I explained that many opponents of the registry claim it to be unnecessary, and asked how she would explain that the two are indeed interconnected.

In response, Ms. Cukier asserted that as Canada’s Supreme Court concluded in their 2000 opinion regarding the Act’s constitutionality, it would be impossible to ensure that licensed individuals do not give their guns to others not holding a license without the registry. The registration of firearms helps to enforce the licensing provisions of the Act.
To explain this, Ms. Cukier provided the example that if an individual has a license and purchases firearms without a registration requirement, there is no way to hold them accountable for those firearms or to prevent them from lending or giving them to an unlicensed person. In other words, registration results in accountability…more


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The Gun Lobby Spares No Expense

Posted by cgccanada on June 4, 2009

The Gun Lobbyists are working hard to influence the outcome of the bills which challenge gun control in Canada.  This ad was recently posted in the Hill times in an effort to sway the votes of MPs.

An advertisment that the Gun Lobby recently posted in the Hill Times

An advertisment that the Gun Lobby recently posted in the Hill Times

In the Coalition for Gun Control blog, and on our website, we’ve repeatedly challenged the claims made in this ad, but maybe we can all do more.  Anti-gun control lobbyists are spending time and money getting their message out. We can get our message out too.  What can you do?  Support the CGC here, Write your MP and let them know you support the gun registry.  Follow us on Twitter in English and French, and start blogging on your own website or twitter page about this issue.  Link back to us, and link to other supporters.  Together we can let our government know we support gun control.

The Gun Lobby Does NOT Speak for Me:

“The long- gun registry does not make Canadians any safer”

FACTS: Firearms death, injury and crime have decreased since the controls were introduced. Police use it almost 10,000 times a day.

“Criminals do not register their guns”

FACTS: Legal guns are often diverted to criminal markets through theft and illegal sales. Controls over legal guns help stem the flow of guns to criminals.

“Guns don’t kill, people kill”

FACTS: People with guns kill more efficiently. Where there are more guns there are more deaths.

“’Duck guns’ are not a problem, just handguns”

FACTS:  Rifles and shotguns kill just as dead as handguns. These are the guns most used in domestic violence and to kill police officers. The gun used to kill 14 young women at Polytechnique is still sold as an unrestricted hunting rifle.

“Guns are only a problem in big cities”

FACTS:  The rates of gun death are higher in rural areas and the west where there are more guns. Domestic violence and youth suicide are particular problems. Police officers are more likely to be murdered with guns in smaller communities than big cities.

“The law “punishes” law abiding gun owners”
FACTS: There is a human cost to gun violence and survivors feel the “punishment” every day. Licensing gun owners and registering guns does not prevent them from being used for lawful purposes.

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An Open Letter to Our Readers

Posted by cgccanada on May 19, 2009

Dear Readers,

Rather than using the blog as a vehicle for reasoned debate, people have been attempting to post abusive and  libelous comments. We are discontinuing the comments feature  until further notice.

Thank you,

The Coalition for Gun Control

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Welcome to the CGC Weblog

Posted by cgccanada on May 7, 2009

To start, a little about us:

Founded in the wake of the Montreal massacre, the Coalition for Gun Control was formed to reduce gun death, injury and crime. The Coalition supports:
Legislation which includes:

• possession permits which are periodically renewed for ALL gun owners
• a cost-effective system to register all guns
• a total ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines
• controls on the sale of ammunition
• tougher restrictions on handguns

In addition it promotes:

• strict safe storage requirements
• education countering the romance of guns and the myth of arming for self-protection
• a ban on replica firearms
• measures to reduce the illegal importation of guns
• effective implementation of the law
• deterrence and prevention in the justice system

These measures are contained in Bill C-68,  proclaimed on December 5, 1995.

Currently the Coalition is focused on:

• ensuring effective implementation of the legislation
• research and public education
• improving measures to combat smuggling and the illegal gun trade
• protecting the legislation from legal challenges and attacks by the gun lobby

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