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Fewer spousal homicides with long guns

Posted by cgccanada on September 13, 2010

Edmonton Journal, September 13, 2010

Re: “Chiefs’ case for long-gun registry fails; Flimsy evidence substantiates front-line cops’ vote to scrap it,” by Lorne Gunter, Aug. 29. We are members of the YWCA, the nation’s oldest and largest women’s service organization.  YWCA Canada is the country’s largest provider of shelter to women and children fleeing violence.  Each year more than 100,000 women and children leave their homes in Canada for violence against women shelters.  Many of them come through the doors of the 31 shelters operated by YWCAs across Canada.  Lorne Gunter is looking for evidence of the long-gun registry’s effectiveness.  In terms of violence perpetrated  against women, long guns are the most common type of firearm used in spousal homicides.  There has been a continuing decline in spousal homicides committed with rifles and shotguns, coincident with increasing use of the long-gun registry by Canadian police services. Over the past decade, 71 per cent of firearm spousal homicides involved rifles and shotguns. Only 24 per cent involved a handgun.  While spousal homicides with rifles and shotguns have decreased, spousal homicides by all other means have not.  The average number of women killed annually by their spouses without using a rifle or shotgun between 1995-98 was 52, the same figure for 2001-04 was 56 (Statistics Canada).  While there is much to criticize in how the registry was developed, we agree with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police: the registry has made Canada a safer country.

Rheanna Sand, President
Julianna Charchun, Vice-President
YWCA Edmonton Board of Directors

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