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Urgent: C-391, A Private Members Bill in name only

Posted by cgccanada on April 21, 2010

Since the beginning of the discussions of Private Members Bill C-391, the Coalition has maintained that it is a Private Members Bill (PMB) in name only, citing ample evidence that in fact it is a government bill dressed up as a private members bill. This has been an important issue with opposition leaders claiming they cannot “whip” the vote in their caucuses because it is a PMB. We noted that the Prime Minister has been promoting it, that the Conservative Party of Canada has been supporting it with aggressive campaigns and, more recently, that it was referenced in the speech from the Throne. Yesterday we received proof positive: Public Safety minister Vic Toews answered a question about the legislation from a Conservative backbencher.  As a PMB and not a government bill, the question should have been ruled out of order by the speaker and the Minister had no business answering a question about it. Minister Toews spoke glowingly about the importance of this bill.

“ Mr. Speaker, the Liberal leader has again chosen to turn his back on rural Canadians by clearly stating he still supports a wasteful and ineffective long gun registry. Our government believes that gun control should target criminals, not law-abiding citizens. It should promote safe streets, not penalize the lawful activities of hunters and rural Canadians. The Liberal leader is bending over backward to secure guilty pleas from law-abiding farmers and duck hunters. The choice is clear for all MPs, especially those who voted for the bill at second reading. We either vote to scrap the bill, or we keep it.”

Throughout this process, BQ leader Gilles Duceppe has whipped his party’s vote. Indeed on November 4, 2009 one Bloc MP recovering from open heart surgery and another with a suspected case of swine flu, in a surgical mask, showed up to vote against the Conservatives. On Monday, April 19, 2010 Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff announced he would whip the Liberal vote to defeat Bill C-391. To date NDP leader Jack Layton has continued to insist that his hands are tied because it is a PMB. Please make sure he understands that this is not the case.

Another example of this bill being clearly a government bill is that the Conservative Party has released another series of radio advertisings targeting eight rural Liberal MPs. A Conservative official reported “These MPs voted to end the long-gun registry in the past, they’ve been continuously promising their constituents that they would vote to end it, but now Ignatieff is forcing them to vote to keep the registry.” “The ads encourage people to call their MPs and tell them they should vote for what their constituents want — to end the long-gun registry — not what their Liberal boss wants, which is to keep the registry.” (Canoe News, April 21, 2010 Kathleen Harris “Ads target rogue Grits over gun registry”

Please call Jack Layton and the NDP MPs today and tell them loud and clear that Canadians want the gun registry, Bill C-391 is a government bill and should not get the NDP’s support. Phone numbers are below.

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NDP MPs – Note the first telephone number listed is on Parliament Hill, the second in the riding

The Honourable Jack Layton, Party leader (Toronto — Danforth, ON) (613) 995-7224, (416) 405-8914
Mr. Joe Comartin in charge of the gun control file (Windsor — Tecumseh, ON) (613) 947-3445 ,(519) 988-1826
Mr. Don Davies, Critic Public Safety, Co-Chair of SECU committee (Vancouver Kingsway, BC) (613) 943-0267, (604) 775-6263
Ms. Irene Mathyssen, Critic Status of Women, Deputy Critic Public Safety (London — Fanshawe, ON) (613) 995-2901, (519) 685-4745

NDP MPs that voted with the Conservatives in favour of C-391 last November
Mr. Malcolm Allen (Welland, ON) (613) 995-0988
Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins — James Bay, ON) (613) 992-2919, (705) 567-2747
Ms. Niki Ashton (Churchill, MB) (613) 992-3018, (866) 785-0522
Mr. Dennis Bevington (Western Arctic, NT) (613) 992-4587, (867) 873-6995
Mr. Nathan Cullen (Skeena — Bulkley Valley, BC) (613) 993-6654, (250) 877-4140
Mr. Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt, ON) (613) 995-9107, (705) 897-2222
Ms. Carol Hughes (Algoma — Manitoulin — Kapuskasing, ON) (613) 996-5376, (705) 848- 8080
Mr. Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay — Superior-North, ON) (613) 996-4792, (807) 345-1818
Mr. Jim Maloway (Elmwood — Transcona, MB) (613) 995-6339, (204) 984-2499
Mr. John Rafferty (Thunder Bay — Rainy River, ON) (613) 992-3061, (807) 623-6000
Mr. Peter Stoffer (Sackville — Eastern Shore, NS) (613) 995-5822, (902) 861-2311
Mr. Glenn Thibeault (Sudbury, ON) (613) 996-8962, (705) 673-7107

Other NDP MPs
Mr. Alex Atamanenko (British Columbia — Southern Interior, BC) (613) 996-8036, (250) 365-2792
Ms. Chris Charlton (Hamilton Mountain, ON) (613) 995-9389, (905) 574-3331
Ms. Olivia Chow (Trinity — Spadina, ON) (613) 992-2352, (416) 533-2710
Mr. David Christopherson (Hamilton Centre, ON) (613) 995-1757, (905) 526-0770
Ms. Jean Crowder (Nanaimo — Cowichan, BC) (613) 943-2180, (250) 746-4896
Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, BC) (613) 992-6030, (604) 775-5800
Mr. Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre, ON) (613) 996-5322, (613) 946-8682
Mr. Fin Donnelly (New Westminster – Coquitlam, BC) (613) 947-4455, (604) 664-9229
Ms. Linda Duncan (Edmonton–Strathcona, AB) (613) 995-7325, (780) 495-8404
Mr. Yvon Godin (Acadie — Bathurst, NB) (613) 992-2165, (506) 548-7511
Mr. Jack Harris (St-John’s East, NF) (613) 996-7269, (709) 772-7171
Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby — New Westminster, BC) (613) 992-4214, (604) 775-5707
Ms. Megan Leslie (Halifax, NS) (613) 995-7614, (902) 426-8691
Mr. Wayne Marston (Hamilton-East — Stoney Creek, ON) (613) 992-6535, (905) 662-4763
Mr. Pat Martin (Winnipeg-Centre, MB) (613) 992-5308, (204) 984-1675
Mr. Tony Martin (Sault-Ste. Marie, ON) (613) 992-9723, (705) 941-2900
Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, ON) (613) 996-1541, (519) 255-1631
Mr. Thomas J. Mulcair (Outremont, QC) (613) 995-7691, (514) 736-2727
Ms. Denise Savoie (Victoria, BC) (613) 996-2358, (250) 363-3600
Mr. Bill Siksay (Burnaby — Douglas, BC) (613) 996-5597, (604) 291-8863
Ms. Judy Wasylycia-Leis (Winnipeg North, MB) (613) 996-6417, (204) 984-1767


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