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From: The Leader-Post, April 9, 2010, RCMP worried about 15 stolen guns

Posted by cgccanada on April 9, 2010

The RCMP is concerned that 15 hand guns stolen from a truck over the weekend could end up in the hands of criminals. The owner of the weapons bought the firearms at a gun show in Calgary and was transporting the hand guns back to Melfort. The firearms, with trigger guards, were stored in lock boxes inside the locked compartment of a 2008 Chevy three-quarter-ton. On Saturday, at approximately 1:30 p.m., the truck broke down just west of Drumheller and was left unattended. The truck was also left alone Saturday night and Sunday morning outside a Kindersley hotel. “The number of stolen guns concerns us,” said Sgt. Doug Coleman, RCMP “F” Division’s Crime Stoppers Police Co-ordinator. “They Could be used in many potential criminal activities. We want to do everything we can do so they don’t end up on the street.” The hand guns stolen include seven Chaparral Arms, Colt, 1873, single action revolver, 45 COLT (army reproductions); two Chaparral Arms, Colt, 1873, single action revolver, 44-40 WIN (army reproductions); one Chaparral Arms, Colt, 1873, single action revolver, 357 Mag (army reproduction); three Norinco, NP 20, semi-automatic, 9mm Lugar; one Norinco, NP 40, semi-automatic, .40 caliber; and one Smith and Wesson, 22A, semi automatic, .22 calibre.


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