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EDMONTON JOURNAL – MARCH 28, 2010, LETTER: Victim’s mom supports gun law

Posted by cgccanada on March 29, 2010


RE: “Gun registry couldn’t prevent mother’s grief, Tory MP says,” The Journal, March 21. Contrary to MP Candace Hoeppner’s comments, the inquest into the suicide of my daughter’s killer concluded that the licensing of gun owners and registration of rifles and shotguns might have saved both her life and that of Karen Maquis of New Brunswick. Six other inquests, each examining different circumstances also recommended the need for comprehensive controls on all firearms that screen gun owners for risk factors of violence and suicides and register firearms to their legitimate owner, holding it accountable and avoiding diversion to the illegal market. By playing to the gun lobby the Conservatives are disregarding public safety. In its unanimous decision in 2000, the Supreme Court stated that registration cannot be severed from licensing and together, these measures “both tightly linked to Parliament’s goal of promoting safety by reducing the misuse of any and all firearms.” Police organizations across this country stand firmly behind Canada’s gun control law as the registry helps criminal investigations and officer safety. Every public safety group, medical association and individual who cares about the safety and security of others also stand firmly behind the law. As a mother who has lost a beloved daughter to a suicidal predator, I know grief, but I also know that although it is too late to save Nina we must learn from the preventable deaths of so many innocent victims and do everything possible to save others. Lives have been saved by the registry. Eliminating it will put lives in danger. Priscilla de Villiers, Burlington, Ont.


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