The Coalition for Gun Control/Pour le Controle des Armes

from 1.2 ORILLIA TIMES AND PACKET – MACH 25, 2010, Elimination of the long-gun registry start of slippery slope By Tom Mcauley

Posted by cgccanada on March 26, 2010


With much discussion again about eliminating the long-gun registry, many believe that since the Association of Police Chiefs (a political organization) supports it, then it must be a good thing. They say that it makes their work easier. As much as I respect and support the efforts of police officers in tackling crime, one of the things they are not tasked with doing is ensuring your rights are protected. Similarly, the job of policing would also be much easier if they were allowed to stop anybody anywhere and search them without warrant in their car, home, workplace or on the street. Phone calls could be monitored, personal mail opened and read, computers searched on a regular basis, and people held for questioning for as long as the police feel like. I don’t think Canadians would stand for such a police state although the police chiefs could still say “it makes our job easier.” I would have expected the so-called “progressive” elements in politics to stand up for all civil rights of Canadians, not just their pet issues. But sadly, that has not been the case. Elimination of the gun registry because every diminishment of the rights and freedoms of some is a stepping stone in reducing the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. Tom Mcauley, Winnipeg


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