The Coalition for Gun Control/Pour le Controle des Armes

From: The Toronto Star, February 6, 2010, Registering gun is quick and easy

Posted by cgccanada on February 9, 2010

Re:My bird gun is gone,  but is the city really safer? Feb. 1. Joe Fiorito’s column is an exercise in double standards. He agrees that strict regulations on firearms are needed, but feels that he himself should be exempt. The procedures to renew a firearms licence are quick and easy, and it is the responsibility of all owners to ensure that they meet the requirements under the law.  If an owner does not renew an expired vehicle registration, their vehicle is towed and impounded for 30 days. It does not matter whether this is as a result of a so-called sin of omission. Registering a vehicle or firearm and maintaining the validity of their licence, is the responsibility of the owner. If he does not, the is breaking the law. Why rage against police officers for doing their job when the author is at fault? Darcy Brooks, Montreal


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