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Posted by cgccanada on January 14, 2010

‘Gentle giant’ testified in shooting: Pal
Last Updated: 11th January 2010, 5:22am

The sole remaining witness to a shooting that many believe led to the murder of “gentle giant” Kenneth Mark said yesterday she’s certain the Toronto man was killed because he took the stand against gun violence.

It was the concern over whether or not to “snitch” that kept Mark from pointing a finger until about a month after he was shot in September 2008, Robyn, who didn’t want her last name published, said yesterday, a day after Mark’s funeral.

Robyn and her then-year-old son, Malakai, were outside their St. Clair Ave. W. and Runnymede Rd. housing complex with Mark when a gunman wearing a disguise snuck up behind and fired a shotgun, spraying Mark’s face and shoulder with pellets, Robyn said.

“(Mark) pushed us backwards to get in my door,” she recalled, adding she or Malakai would have been shot had they not been blocked by Mark.

The shooting came mere days after Mark confronted a teen in their housing complex about brandishing a gun.

The Walmart manager didn’t threaten to go to police, but rather told the teen something along the lines of, “This is not a ghetto,” Robyn said.

“He didn’t want guns shown to the children.”

Mark was certain the shooting was connected to the confrontation and that he knew who the triggerman was, but he didn’t point fingers right away, Robyn said.

“There’s a big thing in our community about snitching, right? You’re not supposed to be a snitch. Things happen to you, you stay quiet and take it into your own hands,” she said. “That’s how we have so many good people dying, so many youth dying, so many black men dying.”

Two teens were charged with attempted murder and held in custody until last month, when charges were dropped against one teen and the other stood trial.

Mark gave crucial testimony, but the second teen was acquitted on Dec. 17 because of weak eyewitness identification of the masked shooter.

On Dec. 29, less than two weeks after the acquittal, Mark was shot in the back of the head while walking to work.

Grief rippled through the community. Read more


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