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Fro National Post, November 11, 2009, Canadians want gun control

Posted by cgccanada on November 13, 2009

Re: The Liberals’ Rural Problem editorial; Good Riddance To The Gun Registry, Matt Gurney, both Nov. 6. The National Post does a great disservice to its readers with its constant emotional diatribe against certain life and death issues such as the Canadian Health Act and the gun registry. Nowhere in the editorial or column is there a single fact to support your editorial’s claim that the gun registry is a “cosmetic … absurdity.” Fancy phraseology do not an argument make. Is it really so difficult to explain to your readers that if it is too onerous to register a car or a pet then do not own a car or a pet? If it is so tremendously upsetting to take a few minutes to register a weapon that can cause a human being to lose his or her life, then perhaps you should not have the right to own a weapon. Your editorial also engages in character assassination of one of Canada’s most outstanding citizens, Jean Chretien, who recently received one of the highest honours from the Queen of Canada. Character assassination does not an argument make. In short, the gun registry is a useful, if-not-perfect, tool in the fight against crime. David Sommer Rovins,0 Sainte-Adele, Que.


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