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From: Langley Times, November 11, 2009, Conservatives not so tough on crime

Posted by cgccanada on November 12, 2009

Editor: The next time MP Mark Warawa says the Conservatives are tough on crime, you can be forgiven for rolling your eyes and snorting.  The 20th anniversary of the Dec. 6 Montreal massacre will take place in just a few short weeks. And with that comes the Conservatives’ rush to scrap Canada’s long gun registry with a vote on a private member’s bill, passed in the House of Commons on Nov. 4. What a disgrace. The repeal legislation has the support of our MP. Recently, Warawa presented a petition to Parliament regarding the long gun registry. The petitioners stated that the registry has not saved one single life since it was introduced. The origins of the long gun registry came as a direct result of the slaughter by Marc Lepine of 14 young women at École Polytechnique in Montreal with a semi-automatic weapon.  It’s hard to quantify the “not saved one single life” statement, since the massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique, but I point to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police web page in which it strongly supports the registry and argues that Canada’s two million gun owners “need to be accountable” for their seven million firearms.  According to the chiefs, officers across the country consulted the registry over 3.75 million times last year.  These checks with the registry assist officers when dealing with domestic violence calls. Police will tell you this information is vitally important to protect those in the relationship as well as the police officers who respond to such calls. The Chiefs of Police have gone on record as stating “This is about public safety. The registry has made Canada a safer country. The registry has saved lives.” While we register our cars, homes, trailers and boats, apparently the Conservatives don’t think it’s necessary to register all firearms. Just some.  I’ll think about that on Dec. 6. Shane Dyson. Aldergrove


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