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From the North Bay Nugget: MP hedges vote on gun registry

Posted by cgccanada on October 28, 2009



Despite mounting local pressure for MP Charlie Angus to support a private member’s bill to abolish the controversial gun registry, he says he will vote neither for nor against it. Angus, the New Democrat MP for Timmins-James Bay, said if it gets to a vote in the house, he will recommend that it be sent to committee for further evaluation. If it goes to committee, presumably the Justice Committee, witnesses would be brought forward and we would hear from sportsmen, hunters, aboriginal groups, the police, all the various groups that have a concern about this,” said Angus. People say it cost $1 billion that could have been better spent. I agree. But the money has been spent. What is it costing us to maintain? I want to hear from police agencies and find out if they use it regularly. If we’re going to have this debate, then let’s get this testimony that will allow us to determine what is the best thing we should be doing.” The matter is scheduled to come to a vote Nov. 4 on private member’s bill C-391 to repeal the registry.

Timmins Police Staff Sgt. Randall Trebilcock said the city’s police service accesses information from the gun registry on a regular basis. While opponents to the law argue the registry has never been used to solve a crime, Trebilcock said the registry provides valuable information that could potentially save the life of an officer or a victim of domestic violence. It provides intelligence to the police and the police across the province and Canada are big on intelligence,” he said. With that registry gone, that takes away an avenue of information for us and that could lead us to some very precarious situations, walking into a house, not knowing if there are firearms in the house.” Trebilcock said that information is also used in bail hearings of violent offenders. If it’s known through the registry an accused owns a hunting rifle or shotgun, the police through the Crown may request that firearm be seized (empasis mine). Read the rest of the article here


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