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From: October 21, 2009, Hostage situation in downtown Edmonton

Posted by cgccanada on October 22, 2009

A specially trained Edmonton Police Hostage negotiator is talking by telephone with a man who is holding several people at gunpoint in a conference room at the downtown Workers Compensation Building. When he entered the building minutes after 8:30am he fired a shot in the lobby of the building on 107th Street north of 99th Avenue but no one was injured. The man is armed with a high power hunting rifle. The man is wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a backpack. He has told police he is “mad at the world” and blames a WCB doctor for most of his trouble. The man and his hostages are believed to be in a conference room on the upper floor of the building. He told the police negotiator he wanted cigarettes and some water – promising to release one of his hostages in exchange. It’s not known if that exchange has taken place.  The man has been asking for a Workers Compensation Board doctor he blames for “screwing up his life”. Police have isolated a large area around the WCB building on 107th Street north of 99th Avenue while they deal with the gunman.  Our reporter on scene has seen dozens of people being evacuated from the building and from surrounding buildings. Evacuated employees have been moved to nearby Alberta government buildings and the Legislative grounds. Our reporter at the Legislature says police have addressed the evacuees. Police telling them the man is contained on the 8th floor and that everyone is safe. ETS buses are being brought in to move the evacuees to another location


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