The Coalition for Gun Control/Pour le Controle des Armes

Coalition for Gun Control Congratulates Toronto Police Chief leading crackdown on gun owners who have let licenses lapse, or failed to register their guns.

Posted by cgccanada on September 22, 2009

For Immediate Release

Toronto, September 22, 2009 – The misuse of legal guns and their diversion to illegal markets
is a problem. All gun owners must be held accountable for their guns. Because of the amnesty
introduced by the Conservatives in 2006, and renewed since, police cannot lay charges on
those who fail to comply, but can seize the guns until they are properly licensed and registered.
The Coalition for Gun Control’s President, Wendy Cukier, said: “We congratulate Chief Blair for
showing leadership on this. With the successive amnesties introduced by the Conservative
government, the data in the firearms registry is becoming more inaccurate and out of date,
putting the lives of Canadians at stake. Police use the registry more than 10,000 times each
day, both in efforts to take preventative action and as an aid in prosecutions. All guns are
potentially dangerous. All gun owners need to be licensed and all guns need to be registered.
Chief Blair has shown he means business in regakeeping the homes and streets of Toronto safe.”


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