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From Spiegel (Germany), September 14, 2009Winnenden Investigation: Father Helped German School Killer to Buy Bullets

Posted by cgccanada on September 17, 2009

Earlier this year, Tim K. killed 15 people and himself in a shooting spree that started at his former school in Winnenden, Germany. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the investigation files show that Tim’s father went with him to a gun store to buy 1,000 bullets seven weeks before the shooting. Police investigators have found that the father of Tim K., the 17-year-old who killed 15 people and then himself in the March 11 school shooting spree in and around the south-western town of Winnenden, accompanied his son when he purchased 1,000 bullets from a gun store 47 days before the shooting. The information from the investigator’s case files has been obtained by SPIEGEL. After a store turned the boy away, Tim K. returned with his father Jörg, who ordered the munitions on Jan. 23, 2009. His son then paid, explaining that the bullets were a present for his father, a belated gift for his 50th birthday. Tim K.’s mother said her husband had been pleased by his son’s thoughtfulness, since Tim hadn’t given anyone in his family any presents for years. The 9 mm bullets were the right calibre for the Beretta gun his father kept in a clothing dresser in his bedroom, easily accessible under a pile of sweaters. Tim is believed to have committed the massacre with these bullets. (…) “The process of a constriction of thoughts and feelings during a simultaneous clear and cold planning of murder is well described in literature on sexually motivated serial killers.” Does that mean that Tim K. deliberately targeted girls and women during his killing spree? The fact that 11 of the 12 victims shot by Tim K. at the Albertville school were female suggests it may have been. “For the parents of the victims, this is of course an emotional and existential question,” says Jens Rabe, the attorney is representing the parents of five children killed by Tim K. “I expect the report to go further into detail on this point,” the criminal law specialist said, adding that he felt Tim’s parent’s “shared responsibility.” Public prosecutors in Stuttgart are expected to decide at the end of September whether to press charges against Tim’s father.


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