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Despite Risks to Public Safety, Harper Wants Majority so that Conservatives Can Dismantle Gun Registry

Posted by cgccanada on September 11, 2009

Toronto, ON, September 10, 2009: In a closed meeting, held last week in Sault Ste. Marie, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told a group of Conservative supporters that he needs a majority mandate so the Conservatives can proceed with their plan to dismantle gun control. Police, women’s groups and public safety experts across the country support the control of all firearms in order to reduce the risk of dangerous people having access to guns. They have explicitly opposed Harper’s plans to dismantle the registration of rifles and shotguns because without information about who owns guns and the guns they own, there is no effective way to prevent dangerous people from getting firearms.

Statistics show that, in Canada, rifles and shotguns are the guns most often used in teen suicide, domestic homicide and murders of police. Legal guns are often misused by their owners or diverted to illegal markets. Although handguns figure prominently in urban crime, rifles and shotguns account for more than one third of guns recovered in large cities and outnumber handguns 2 to 1 in smaller communities like York Region in Ontario and Surrey, BC. With stronger controls on rifles and shotguns homicides, suicides and robberies have declined substantially. Although significant money was spent setting up the system to license gun owners and register firearms, RCMP estimate that dismantling the registry would save only $3 million a year… more


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