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From The Barrie Examiner, August 17, 2009, Police confiscate 29 guns

Posted by cgccanada on August 20, 2009


Barrie police cleaned a 44-year-old Barrie man’s gun collection out of his downtown home, yesterday afternoon.  Members of the criminal investigations and guns and gangs units seized nearly 30 firearms from 58 Caroline St. home around 1 p. m., after executing a search warrant.  “This size of a weapons seizure is not common,” said Sgt. Robert Allan. “This is absolutely the largest weapons seizure I’m aware of for Barrie police.”  Allan said the home search and man’s arrest was in connection to a previous break and enter on June 25.  “The break-in was at a different location, and a registered firearm was stolen from that residence,” Allan said. “The suspect in custody did have the stolen firearm in his possession.”  The man’s identity is being temporarily withheld until more charges are determined next week. A total of 29 firearms — shotguns, rifles and handguns — plus more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition were confiscated from the home.  The numerous weapons and bullets covered a display table at the Barrie police station on Bell Farm Road, last evening.  Twenty-one of the firearms were registered, but others weren’t.  Two sawed-off rifles and a semi-automatic pistol were found among the seized firearms, which police say are prohibited weapons, and all three were loaded.  “We aren’t sure which ones were registered yet, but if the prohibited ones were at one time, those won’t be valid now,” Allan said. “Our guys have days and days of investigation ahead of them to qualify each weapon, determine which were registered and why he had them all. Police are looking into whether the man was a registered member of a rifle range or gun club in the area.  “He had licenses for many of them, but as for a hunting license, we’re not sure yet,” said Det.-Const. John Parcells, an investigating officer on the case. “It’s hard to get possession of handguns unless you’re part of a gun club. But the suspect is the kind of guy clubs would want nothing to do with.”  In the end, Allan said he’s relieved about the seizure.  “It’s good that we’ve got these out of our community,” he said. “It’s a concern knowing these were all were out there.  “We had to exercise extreme caution going into that home,” Allan added. “He had these weapons stored all over the place, and none of them properly stored. That will reflect on his case in court.”  Allan said information on specific charges isn’t being released yet, either.  “It’s so early in the investigation that we aren’t able to comment on charges right now,” Allan said. “He’ll probably go to court with minimal charges, but more will be added as the case and investigation continues.”  Allan said the suspect’s firearms will only be returned to him if the courts allow for it.


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