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Morden Times, August 10, 2009, RE: Morden Times, August 6, 2009: Long-Gun Owners Not Responsible for Gun Crime in Canada”

Posted by cgccanada on August 12, 2009

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Ms Hoeppner, ever the vigilant economist, must be concerned for Canada’s fiscal wellbeing.  What other reason could she have to take a study that laments the way that US gun control laws have facilitated gun violence in Canada through smuggling and claim that it somehow supports her attempt to abolish the long-gun registry.  The only possible explanation is that Ms. Hoeppner desperately wants criminals to be able to “Buy Canadian”.  Why let America corner an entire segment of the gun market, when you can pass a bill, such as C-391, which would pave the way for criminals to buy local.  It would be a simple process, since if the registry were to be abolished, there would be no mechanism in place linking the weapons used in crime with their legal source, and nothing to differentiate between a diverted legal Canadian gun and weapons smuggled in from elsewhere, making any attempts to investigate gun smuggling almost impossible.  There would be nothing in place linking gun owners to their firearms, and so nothing to prevent these individuals from passing their rifles and shotguns to less savoury character for a price.  It would be a profitable position, being among the ranks of straw purchasers who have to this point so beleaguered our border. Never mind the potential consequences that local sources of virtually untraceable weapons could have for public safety.  Instead, think like Ms. Hoeppner. Think of the bottom line!  Darcy Brooks


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