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Toronto Star Editorial: Three amigos and guns

Posted by cgccanada on August 10, 2009

When Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon, the “three amigos” leading Canada, the United States and Mexico, saddle up for their summit in Guadalajara today and tomorrow, they will gallop through an agenda that has seldom been more rugged. From trade protectionism to climate change, swine flu and immigration issues, there will be scant time in the two-day meeting to pause for breath.

But there’s likely to be a glaring omission, one that is a matter of life and death. It’s the “iron river” of smuggled guns flowing from the U.S. to both Canada and Mexico, and leaving destruction in its wake…

…Harper should take the opportunity of this summit to point out that tighter U.S. controls, including enforcement of existing laws, would also benefit Canadians by keeping guns from the hands of violent gangs in our cities. Such a stand may seem unlikely for our Prime Minister, given his push to eliminate the long gun registry and his cordial relationship with anti-gun control folks.

But Harper has also billed himself as tough on crime. He could live up to his own billing by raising this issue with Obama in Guadalajara. read more


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