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Guns in the News: Parolee linked to shooting spree

Posted by cgccanada on July 23, 2009

Sparks leads feuding group, cops say in parole documents
By DAN ARSENAULT Crime Reporter, Halifax ChronicleHerald
Thu. Jul 23 – 4:46 AM

Halifax Regional Police think a parolee from a 2005 beating and killing in Dartmouth is the leader of a crime group involved in some drive-by shootings in April.

Aaron Mandell Sparks, 24, received a five-year sentence in February 2007 for aggravated assault in a March 19, 2005, attack that killed 21-year-old Christopher Clark of Dartmouth.

The conditions of Mr. Sparks’s parole were altered in April because of a police investigation into shootings that month.

“According to police, you are the subject of an ongoing investigation that involves drive-by-style shooting as a result of an ongoing feud between two criminalized groups,” states a National Parole Board document dated last Friday.

“Police suspect that you are the leader in one of those groups and that violence has increased in the area during the past couple of months. It is believed that numerous individuals are armed with illegal weapons including firearms and that you are one of the individuals carrying a handgun.”

The parole board notes that Mr. Sparks, a first-time federal offender, denied those allegations and said he spent most of his free time either with his mother or visiting his child… more


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