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From IANSA: Victims of gun violence pledge to continue to defend Canada’s gun control law

Posted by cgccanada on July 22, 2009

Toronto – “Some politicians seem to be preoccupied with the costs of gun control or appeasing the gun lobby but they are forgetting the huge costs many of us have paid for inadequate gun control.” Priscilla de Villiers, former president of CAVEAT and victims advocate said “Have they learned nothing from the deaths of our children? The inquest into the murder of my daughter called for licensing of gun owners and registration of all guns. I have been going to Ottawa to plead with politicians to do the right thing for more than a decade. I have attended dozens of press conferences. I have testified before more parliamentary committees than I knew existed. While it is too early to evaluate the impact of the 1995 law, which was not fully implemented until 2003, the Canadian Public Health Association and others have argued that the progressive tightening of gun laws in Canada has contributed to reducing gun death and injury. In 1991, when I began this journey, there were 1,444 gun deaths and in 2001 there were 842. Firearm robberies have declined dramatically over the decade by 64% since 1991, from 8,995 to 3,474. Domestic homicides with firearms have fallen according to the latest report on intimate partner homicide from Statistics Canada. The police are using the system 1,500 times each day and have reported case after case where the system allowed them to remove guns from people who were a risk.”

Nastaran Yadollahi of Toronto said, “My brother Soroush was shot and killed in Toronto earlier this year. We still don’t know the reason, who did it, or where the gun came from? All we know is that we lost a young man with a bright future and our lives are irreparably damaged. It is hard even to put into words the costs for me, his father, and his mother, who are also here today. However, there is no doubt in my mind that stronger controls on guns are important, not just in Canada but in the US, as guns know no borders. My family has committed to working with victims of gun violence and community groups to fight the scourge of guns. We ask all politicians to place a priority on public safety. They must support strong controls in Canada, help keep our borders strong and work internationally for better controls. Our family is committed to working to prevent others from suffering as we have.”…more


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