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Guns in the News: Police chief talks gangs, strike and the gun registry

Posted by cgccanada on July 21, 2009


From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Last updated on Tuesday, Jul. 21, 2009 03:34AM EDT

All Canadians enjoy basic fundamental freedoms and it is a responsibility of the police to protect and defend those freedoms in our society.

Q: What would a handgun ban mean for Toronto?

A: About 30 per cent of all crime handguns that we seize from criminals have been stolen or otherwise diverted from legal gun owners.

Legal gun owners are not dangerous but their guns certainly become dangerous when they get into the hands of criminals. I support any measure that will make it harder for criminals to get guns.

Q: I believe the gun registry has failed to save one life. Do you agree that spending billions to harass law-abiding citizens does nothing to reduce criminal gun violence?

A: With respect to the gun registry, you are misinformed. It is an important source of information for public and police officer safety. It helps us keep our people safe. Filling out a form does not limit anyone’s ability to be safe, and it hardly constitutes harassment.

You are also misinformed about the cost of the registry. Although there was certainly concern about its initial cost, I am now advised that it costs about $3-million a year to administer. This is money well spent.



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