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Guns In The News: Judge speaks out on gun violence

Posted by cgccanada on July 14, 2009

Halifax ChronicleHerald

Fri. Jul 10 – 4:46 AM

Justice Felix Cacchione used Jerrell Johnston’s sentencing hearing as a forum to express his dismay at the increasing gun violence in metro Halifax.

“Recently, it would seem that not a week has gone by without guns being discharged in areas frequented by members of our community,” he said.

“In fact, the day before the date originally set for this sentencing, the local newspaper carried yet another story of someone being shot. That shooting occurred on the Upper Partridge River Road . . . the same road where Brandon Beals and Martaze Provo were killed and where the present offence . . . occurred.”

“Again the community, because of the fear instilled in it by the presence and use of handguns, was loathe to assist the police in their investigation.”

He said that a review of local newspaper articles on shootings in HRM since the Vegas shooting “shows that gun-related shootings are on the rise.”

He said there were 27 incidents in 2007; 29 in 2008 and “this year to date, there have been 40 such shootings.”

And the risk to “law-abiding citizens who are going about their daily business is high and increasing.”…more


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