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Guns in the News: Man who kept cache of firearms sentenced to three years

Posted by cgccanada on June 25, 2009

Cambridge’s Daniel Kesselring also banned from possessing weapons for life

The Kitchener Record,

June 25,2009

A Cambridge man who kept prohibited guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition at his home was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison.

Daniel Kesselring pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited firearm with readily accessible ammunition. He had no licence for the gun. A first offence carries a mandatory minimum penalty of three years in jail. Second offence is five years. The law prohibits anyone from having a loaded or unloaded prohibited or restricted firearm with readily accessible ammunition unless they have a licence or registration certificate for the gun.

Kesselring, 30, also pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm while he was under court order not to have any weapons, and careless storage of 15 high-capacity magazines. He originally faced more than 30 charges. Two Waterloo Region Police officers flew to Vancouver earlier this month to bring Kesselring back after he failed to show up in court in April.

He was charged after police searched his home at 318 Dolph St. S. last September. Emergency response officers seized 600 rounds of ammunition, a shotgun, a .22-calibre handgun, a .22-calibre rifle, 15 high- capacity magazines and other loaded magazines. Members of the police anti-violence intervention strategy team and the intelligence branch were involved.

Police began investigating Kesselring for the possession and sale of illegal guns and ammunition trafficking in October, 2007 after receiving confidential information, Kitchener’s Ontario Court heard. Kesselring ran an online business called Tac Shot. He sold firearms parts and accessories.

He was originally charged with 11 counts of possession of a firearm while prohibited, nine counts of unlawful storage of a firearm, five counts of possession of a firearm without a licence, four counts of unauthorized possession of a weapon and two counts of possession of a prohibited device. A .22 calibre rifle with no serial number was found under a bed. It had no trigger lock.

Two Ziploc bags holding 578 bullets were also discovered in the bedroom. A 12-gauge

shotgun was in a closet. Kesselring has a long criminal record, dating from 1994. It includes offences of violence. Justice Margaret Woolcott said neighbours would likely have been very concerned if they’d known what was in Kesselring’s home. He is now prohibited from possessing weapons for life.


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