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Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence June 15-21

Posted by cgccanada on June 5, 2009

Repost from The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

by Maria Valenti

It is less than 2 weeks until the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 15-21 June 2009. Please consider helping to launch IPPNW’s new “Medical Voices Against Violence:Your Story” project during this week.

Send us your stories in advance, or collect stories at your medical schools or hospitals during the Week of Action. It’s easy to record a short story – just use your digital camera and record a 1-3 minute story about an incident of gun violence you experienced, or happened in your community or to someone you know like a family member, friend, or patient– introduce yourself at the beginning with your first name only, what you do (medical student, doctor et.) and your country – then tell your short story and how if affected you as a health professional. If you can’t record a story, write one and send us a photo of you and we will print them together. Contact me for how to transmit big video files at Let’s make this a worldwide IPPNW event!

Other ideas for activities:

  • Hold a “teach-in” or hospital “grand rounds” on small arms violence and health, using the IPPNW Aiming for Prevention PowerPoint, and/or One Bullet Stories that are on IPPNW’s web site. (contact for a copy of the PPT). Or, use modules from the WHO TEACH-VIP curriculum which can be downloaded from their web site at
  • Write an op-ed or letters to the editor to local newspapers about the human suffering from gun violence in your country
  • Organize as many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals as possible to have a public event/press conference to provide “testimony” about victims of violence they have treated in their hospitals, and call for more violence prevention initiatives in the community.
  • Call your local radio station or newspaper reporter and ask them to conduct an interview with you about health effects of violence – if you need materials, contact us.
  • Investigate if your medical school has any financial investments in gun manufacturers. If so, hold a press conference to call for divestment.
  • Faces/stories of violence exhibit – Collect photos/stories from newspapers of shootings/other violence over the past year in your area, paste on posters, and organize an educational exhibit at your school, library or other venue – call the press to come publicize.

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