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Gun Owner Agrees, We Do Need Gun Registration

Posted by cgccanada on May 11, 2009

This letter to the editor comes via the Merced Sun-Star:


Letter: Thoughts on Guns

Editor: I recently have read a lot about people calling for gun bans on certain firearms and tighter gun control.

These folks want to take on the National Rifle Association head on and make the United States a gun-free society. Good luck.

The assault rifle ban did not work, even the Democrats on Capitol Hill will tell you.

People look at the gun itself as the problem; but the people holding the gun are the problem.

I carry a concealed weapon everywhere I go. I carry a big gun, and nobody knows I have it.

We do need gun control, and it starts before the sale.

The procedure for buying a gun is a joke; the guy selling you the gun coaches you on how to answer the questions. I am all for tight restrictions on firearms.

This country can track every car made and brought to this country and track every part on that car. It should be the same way for guns.

You should have gun insurance on all your weapons, just like a car. You should have to register your weapon annually with a small fee for document processing, just like a car.

If you sell your gun the new owner must register it, just like a car.

If you file off the serial number it should render the weapon useless. I am sure they can figure that one out.



This reader points out the logic of gun registration. We have to get licenses for our dogs and cars, and we do not see that as a threat to freedom – so why do we struggle so much with the gun registry.  Manuel Medina should be commended for his balanced viewpoint here.


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