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Stand up for Gun Control! Join Mothers for Gun Control Campaign

Posted by cgccanada on May 8, 2009

Days before Mother’s Day, mothers of victims of gun violence launched the Mothers for
Gun Control Campaign in Toronto today. They are calling on Canadians to stand up for
gun control and let the Federal government know that they oppose any measures taken
to weaken gun control. They released a video where they shared some of their stories
and maintain: they want more gun control, not less.
How to help?

  • Distribute the attached form letter today to everyone you know to tell Members of Parliament not to allow our gun control law to be weakened.
  • Invite your network, your friends and your family to view our Mothers for Gun Controlvideo (also available at )
  • Share your own experience or thoughts on gun violence.

The Gun Lobby Does NOT Speak for Me:
“The long- gun registry does not make Canadians any safer”
FACTS: Firearms death, injury and crime have decreased since the controls were introduced. Police use it almost 10,000 times a day.
“Criminals do not register their guns”
FACTS: Legal guns are often diverted to criminal markets through theft and illegal sales.
Controls over legal guns help stem the flow of guns to criminals.

“Guns don’t kill, people kill”
FACTS: People with guns kill more efficiently. Where there are more guns there are more

“’Duck guns’ are not a problem, just handguns”
FACTS:  Rifles and shotguns kill just as dead as handguns. These are the guns most used in
domestic violence and to kill police officers. The gun used to kill 14 young women at
Polytechnique is still sold as an unrestricted hunting rifle.

“Guns are only a problem in big cities”
FACTS:  The rates of gun death are higher in rural areas and the west where there are more
guns. Domestic violence and youth suicide are particular problems. Police officers are more
likely to be murdered with guns in smaller communities than big cities.

“The law “punishes” law abiding gun owners”
FACTS: There is a human cost to gun violence and survivors feel the “punishment” every day. Licensing gun owners and registering guns does not prevent them from being used for lawful purposes.


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