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Posted by cgccanada on May 7, 2009

To start, a little about us:

Founded in the wake of the Montreal massacre, the Coalition for Gun Control was formed to reduce gun death, injury and crime. The Coalition supports:
Legislation which includes:

• possession permits which are periodically renewed for ALL gun owners
• a cost-effective system to register all guns
• a total ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines
• controls on the sale of ammunition
• tougher restrictions on handguns

In addition it promotes:

• strict safe storage requirements
• education countering the romance of guns and the myth of arming for self-protection
• a ban on replica firearms
• measures to reduce the illegal importation of guns
• effective implementation of the law
• deterrence and prevention in the justice system

These measures are contained in Bill C-68,  proclaimed on December 5, 1995.

Currently the Coalition is focused on:

• ensuring effective implementation of the legislation
• research and public education
• improving measures to combat smuggling and the illegal gun trade
• protecting the legislation from legal challenges and attacks by the gun lobby


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